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Mandara has moved to Asheville NC!

After four years of great accomplishment and success in Miami, FL, Mandara has decided to take up roots in Asheville, NC! Mandara is now working with new musicians in this new city renowned for its phenomenal music scene and strong diversity! During her time here Mandara plans to rewrite many of her songs as well as create new material with her new band, and immediately start recording and performing in the area. Mandara is very excited about this change and says, "I feel Asheville is a great city to share my music with. Its a place that I think will truly appreciate my lyrics and provide tremendous opportunity!"

When asked why she chose to leave her home in Miami and venture to a new area Mandara replied, "Miami was a beautiful city and I will be forever thankful for the opportunities I was given there, but my life felt like it needed a change and Asheville seemed like a good city to provide that change. The scenery is gorgeous here! Asheville is like a European city far from its home. I've already been feeling a lot of inspiration and I can't wait to see what it yields!"

If you are an Ashevillian and enjoy live rock music, be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for when Mandara's first show will be! You will not be disappointed!

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