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Bob Leone Takes Interest in Mandara

Bob Leone, known for being Lady Gaga's first manager, has recently become interested in rock artist Mandara. He began correspondence with her November 11 and since then has felt a strong connection to Mandara and her noble cause. As quoted in one of his letters, Bob Leone says, "I clearly see the compassion & strength in your heart & much more. I LOVE the soul you are... I feel more & more connected to you every time you [respond] to me... not only are you one of my soulmates, but one of the special ones. I only wish we reunited sooner in this lifetime, but, as we know, all things happen when they're meant to happen." Whether Bob Leone decides to manage Mandara or not has yet to be seen. It is evident, however, that Bob Leone recognizes Mandara as a unique, glamorous, intelligent artist who's musical goal of tolerance and self revelation is a truly "worthy" cause.

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