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Mandara featured on WPVM 103.7


Mandara's new EP The Event Horizon will be hitting the airwaves! WPVM 103.7 has asked lead singer/founder Amanda Sky to do an on air interview on Thursday September 1, 2016. The interview will feature The Event Horizon by Mandara. Be sure to tune in at 11:30am to hear the full interview!

WPVM’s mission is to inform, entertain, stimulate and provoke their audience with programs that reflect the authentic culture and heritage of the Asheville community.

Their vision, "We envision a community in which the media is not a means to limit democratic participation, but a way for the Asheville community  to express themselves and be heard by a larger audience. WPVM seeks to raise awareness of social, cultural and community issues and activities via radio air waves. WPVM strives to be a beacon of Asheville’s creative and cultural  voice for the community and to broadcast to Asheville and to the world via our webcast , all that is unique about the artistic, social and  cultural  heritage of Asheville and Western North Carolina."

Tamarah's Closet featuring lead singer Amanda Sky


Mandara's lead singer and founder Amanda Sky has been asked to be interviewed on Tamarah's Closet, a live online broadcast and blog hosted by Tamarah Ellen. Tamarah's Closet is about inspiring people to go after their dreams, by using their talents and gifts to create a better life. It is about celebrating talented people from all over the world and she does this by doing LIVE Interviews via the internet. Tamarah is quoted, "I believe the more we lift others up to inspire them by reaching out, the better our lives will be in turn. There's room for success for all and all you have to do is believe, take the first step and then expect to live your dream. This is when the infinite possibilities in life will open it's doors to you."

You can find out more about Tamarah and her show at the links listed below. Also be sure to tune in August 12 for Amanda Sky's interview at 12pm!

Tamarah's Closet Facebook:

Tamarah's Closet Website:

Replay of Amanda Sky's interview available now on YouTube!

Mandara featured in Mountain Xpress


Mandara's new EP The Event Horizon has been featured in the Mountain Xpress, an independent Asheville newspaper centered around local news, art, and events! The feature was written by the Arts Editor Alli Marshall. Alli has been with the Mountain Xpress since 2003, and became the Arts Editor in 2013. She has an amazing reputation and influence in the community, and Mandara is thrilled she took an interest in their music. You can find the article linked below as well as posted in the Mandara Press/Review page.

The Event Horizon review:

Mandara Mini Tour


Mandara is going on tour! After being invited by music venues outside of Asheville, Mandara has decided to branch out and go on what they call a mini tour this summer. Dates have been lined up in July at The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC and Two Doors Down in Fayetteville, NC. Be sure to check the calendar for more details!

New EP Available Now!


After three months of recording, Mandara's new EP The Event Horizon is available for download! It can be found on all types of digital distribution including iTunes, CDBaby, Rhapsody, Spotify, and Amazon. Mandara would like to thank their producer Bucky McCann from Colossal Studios for an amazing job! Working with him has been a great experience and the product proves it. If you are interested in getting a copy of Mandara's Event Horizon, links are provided below! As always that you for all your love and support!



Colossal Studios:

New Album in the Works


Over the past couple months Mandara has been hard at work in the studio recording their new EP album. The album will consist of two remakes and one song never before heard by fans except live. Mandara is very excited about the soon coming release and looks forward to their audience's reaction. The album was recorded at Colossal Studios in Asheville owned and operated by Bucky McCann, guitarist for Kings of Prussia and The Red Coats are Coming. Mastering is in the works and we can all expect the world wide distribution to take place by March 2016! You can expect to find Mandara's new album on most major platforms such as iTunes, Rhapsody, and CDBaby.

Mandara has moved to Asheville NC!


After four years of great accomplishment and success in Miami, FL, Mandara has decided to take up roots in Asheville, NC! Mandara is now working with new musicians in this new city renowned for its phenomenal music scene and strong diversity! During her time here Mandara plans to rewrite many of her songs as well as create new material with her new band, and immediately start recording and performing in the area. Mandara is very excited about this change and says, "I feel Asheville is a great city to share my music with. Its a place that I think will truly appreciate my lyrics and provide tremendous opportunity!"

When asked why she chose to leave her home in Miami and venture to a new area Mandara replied, "Miami was a beautiful city and I will be forever thankful for the opportunities I was given there, but my life felt like it needed a change and Asheville seemed like a good city to provide that change. The scenery is gorgeous here! Asheville is like a European city far from its home. I've already been feeling a lot of inspiration and I can't wait to see what it yields!"

If you are an Ashevillian and enjoy live rock music, be sure to keep your eyes and ears out for when Mandara's first show will be! You will not be disappointed!

Imre Kovacs Commemoration Budapest Hungary


Mandara has been invited and will be actively participating in the commemoration honoring her grandfather Imre Kovacs paralleling his 100th birthday in Budapest Hungary this March. There are conferences and events lined up March 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th hosted by political parties, universities, and the Hungarian Parliament. Mandara is thrilled to be singing at these events. Her grandfather has always been a major role model in her life holding the same morals he had close to heart which she incorporates in her lyrics. It is a tremendous honor to have been invited by the Vice President of Parliament to finally pay full tribute to her grandfather Imre Kovacs.



Miami Music TV New Season featuring Mandara!


Miami Music TV has developed the reputation to be an ultimate promotional platform for talented artists in the music industry reaching over 50 million homes nation wide! Partnering up with top producers such as Hugo Diaz, the new season is underway. OCT 4 marks the first filming of episodes and Mandara has been chosen to perform for the event! Mandara has been asked to be a part of the future events as well. Come out to Tokyo Blue in Ft. Lauderdale OCT 4 at 9pm for an amazing night! Celebrity appearances, record labels, producers, you name it Miami Music TV has it!

Event Newsletter

Miami Music TV Website

Mandara to be Featured at L.I.F.E Entertainment Networking Event


Mandara has been asked to perform for L.I.F.E Entertainment's Networking Event to take place on Aug 28th at the Nowhere Lounge. Advanced tickets are $25. If you are a musician, singer, promoter, A&R rep, or producer, this is the perfect event for you! For more information please check out and join the event page on Facebook.

Hard Rock Cafe First Annual Music and Arts Festival


On August 18th the Hard Rock Cafe in Bayside Miami, FL will host their first annual Music and Arts Festival featuring 50 different bands and singers! Mandara was chosen to be one of those performers! It is expected to be a very successful event starting at 2pm and ending 2am! Don't miss out on the opportunity to see Mandara and many other local talent perform! Mandara's performance will be from 5:00-5:30pm. She will be accompanied by her new 5 piece band on stage 4. For more information visit the events page on Facebook.

Mandara's New Release Party Announced!


After much anticipation and planning, Mandara's new release party date has been announced! It will take place on her birthday May 26 and will be held at Score club in Miami South Beach. Mandara chose this date because she feels it can be symbolized as a form of rebirth for her music. Although her lyrical content will never sway from its meaning and message, Mandara's style and genre has transformed drastically in this new release. The night will be a big celebration! The VP of Score is very excited about it and plans to make it a big deal! If you are in the Miami area, you are welcome to come support. Mandara wishes to invited everyone!


Score Miami:

Mandara's New Release TBA


Hot out of the studio Mandara's newest single is complete! Preparation and plans for the release are being made and let's just say this will be something you never would have expected! Mandara recently started working with producer Marty Cintron, lead singer of No Mercy who's song "Where Do You Go" was a #1 hit. Mandara says, "Working with Marty has been an amazing experience! We have a great compatibility when it comes to music." Mandara met Marty Cintron after a performance of her's at the Van Dyke Cafe in Miami Beach. Not much can be spoken right now of what might be in store, but needless to say it is nothing but positive!

Hard Rock Cafe Festival 2012


Mandara has been selected to compete for a slot in the Hard Rock Cafe Festival 2012 in London England! All you need to do to show your love and support is to "Like" the Facebook page linked below and then cast your vote by downloading Mandara's original song "Dragons Fly" for FREE! This is an amazing opportunity that Mandara is really excited about and she appreciates each and every one of you! Please cast your vote today because voting ends Feb. 6th!!

Studio Time!


Mic check one, two. Ch-ch-check one, two. Testing...

You heard right. Mandara is once again back in the studio planning her next release! New city, new producer, new sound! Moving down to Miami has inspired her creativity and broadened her mind to incorporating new styles to her already acclaimed "ballads-with-balls rock" genre. But not to worry, despite what ever versatility in style may come Mandara will never sway from her key ingredient's meaning and reason for existence: lyrics for the people. More news on the progress of the new release soon to come!

Mandara invited to perform in Songwriter Series with headliner Micki Free


Mandara was invited back to perform in September's Songwriters Series at the Van Dyke Cafe by her good friend Randy Singer, music director there, after being such a success last month! The Van Dyke Songwriters Series is a monthly event where many local talent and celebrity guests perform a showcase of their original songs. This month's roster featured...

Mandara at Outlife TV Premiere


Mandara was asked by Crystallea Monroe, pop rock artist from Atlanta, to be featured as a guest performer at the premiere of the new tv show Outlife on Aug 4. It was a red carpet event. The Outlife is a reality show about the gay community and takes place in a hair salon in Atlanta, GA. Mandara performed along side Crystallea, who's single was picked up by the new series. Photos from the event will be posted on Mandara's facebook page so be sure to check them out!

Two Side Moon Promotions Press Release of Mandara


Mandara signed to Two Side Moon Promotions


Mandara has recently signed with Two Side Moon Promotions! She was contacted by Nicky Baldrian, founder of TSM, who showed great interest in her music and solicited to work with her. Nicky is also a writer for Fireworks Magazine in the UK, and did an interview with Mandara for the 46th issue which is now available for purchase! You can buy a copy at any WH Smith stores, Virgin mega stores and selected HMV stores in the UK. Black Velvet Magazine interview with Nicky Baldrian: Fireworks on the web:

Mandara Interviewed for Fireworks Magazine


Mandara, who was previously asked by Nicky Baldrian to review her EP "Freedom of Speech", is now being interviewed for Fireworks Magazine in the UK. Mandara's interview will be published in Fireworks' 46th issue. In the interview Mandara talks about how she started out singing, what her goals are, and explains what's next for her in the current year. Be sure to pick up a copy when the issue comes out on June 16th! You can buy one at any WH Smith stores, Virgin mega stores and selected HMV stores in the UK.

New Single Empty Hearted by Mandara


The long awaited release of Mandara's newest single Empty Hearted has finally arrived! You can now purchase Empty Hearted at CDBaby and iTunes, as well as some other leading online music distributors. Following this release, be on the look out for Mandara's music video for Empty Hearted coming soon! Buy on CDBaby: Buy on iTunes:

Mandara to be Reviewed in Fireworks Magazine


Mandara has been asked for her debut CD to be reviewed in Fireworks Magazine in the UK. She was invited by Nicky Baldrian, writer and founder of TSM Promotions. Fireworks is a full color printed glossy magazine that sells between 6 and 7,000 copies per issue which can be bought at all the WH Smith stores, Virgin mega stores and selected HMV stores in the UK that covers all genres within the rock/metal/alt/progressive/Instrumental/thrash/modern rock/punk/blues/pop-rock spectrum. Fireworks on the web:

Calendar Girl


Mandara has been asked to be a part of the Shadow Oak Chain Maille Calendar. She will be featuring her beautiful chain maille top that she is seen in on her debut CD.

Mandara #1 on Indie Music Chart


If skyrocketing to the top of Progressive Rock Independent Music Chart wasn't enough, Mandara's song Dragons Fly topped them all as #1! Photobucket

Mandara Asked to Be Part of Knoxville Fashion Show


The Valarium in Knoxville, TN will be holding the Dstripped Magazine Release Party as well as a fashion runway show on December 11. Mandara was asked to participate again by Kelly Jones, business relation and good friend, who's beautiful Shadow Oak Chain Maille designs will be in conjunction with ::FIGHT TRASH:: by fashion designer Donovan Swick.

Mandara Tops Indie Music Chart


Within just 3 days, Dragons Fly by Mandara has skyrocketed to the top of Progressive Rock Independent Music Chart!


Bob Leone Takes Interest in Mandara


Bob Leone, known for being Lady Gaga's first manager, has recently become interested in rock artist Mandara. He began correspondence with her November 11 and since then has felt a strong connection to Mandara and her noble cause. As quoted in one of his letters, Bob Leone says, "I clearly see the compassion & strength in your heart & much more. I LOVE the soul you are... I feel more & more connected to you every time you [respond] to me... not only are you one of my soulmates, but one of the special ones. I only wish we reunited sooner in this lifetime, but, as we know, all things happen when they're meant to happen." Whether Bob Leone decides to manage Mandara or not has yet to be seen. It is evident, however, that Bob Leone recognizes Mandara as a unique, glamorous, intelligent artist who's musical goal of tolerance and self revelation is a truly "worthy" cause.

Mandara Asked to be a Part of High Point Fashion Show


The Amazed Showroom at Market Square and Suites in High Point, NC will be holding a fashion runway show October 17 organized by Mike Farrell and Donovan Swick. Mandara was asked to participate by her business relation and good friend Kelly Jones, founder and owner of Shadow Oak Chain Maille, who's fashions will be paired with Donovan Swick's conceptual designs. Mandara will be wearing her gorgeous chain maille top that she is seen in on her debut album for the runway show.

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